Brain Wellness

If you or someone you love has been labeled with ADHD, or other “Brain Disorders”, you will certainly want to know about our Brain Wellness program.

We know is not easy.  We’ve been there.

And we’ve longed for…relief.

We know that there are many potential root causes for ADHD, and many contributing factors that can impact our struggle.  We’ve wanted a solution that takes into account the whole picture, and the whole person.  And it’s really been our preference to find a solution that doesn’t involve pharmaceutical drugs.

Our Brain Wellness program is just such a solution.

“I noticed I am getting smarter, I can feel it…Science and reading are easier…I feel less stressed…and I feel happier, a lot happier.”  

                                                                                                                                  Kevin S. (9 yrs. old)

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Brain Wellness Patient Forms
As we customize your Brain Wellness plan, we’ll need the information you’ll provide as you print and fill out the following forms.


Adults and children/adolescents alike will need to fill out this one:
Peak Transformation Patient Intake Forms

Please choose the appropriate ADHD Evaluation Form from among these:
ADHD Evaluation Form for Adults
ADHD Evaluation Forms for Children and Adolescents

You’ll need to follow these guidelines in preparation for your QEEG:
QEEG Preparation Checklist
Please return this form to us if the patient is a child.

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