Diagnostic Services

The importance of diagnostics in functional and preventive medicine cannot be overstated. 


With the information gained through our various diagnostic modalities, Vital Life Wellness Center providers and patients are empowered to create therapeutic plans that restore health and vitality.


We not only employ advanced diagnostics, we are also trained to interpret their results from a holistic perspective. 


At our wellness center, a thyroid test is not just a thyroid test.  We look at markers that others don’t know to ask for, and we interpret thyroid test results in the context of other diagnostic results such as adrenal and hormone testing. 


Our advanced training and testing enables us to track our patients’ progress, to make necessary adjustments to their plan of care, and to see trends that other, less knowledgeable providers miss.

Affordable lab testing is available for uninsured and under-insured patients through our BioAnalysis Lab Profiles offering.


For more information please see one of our helpful medical assistants or client relations coordinators, or click here.

Our standard and specialized diagnostic services include the following:

Neurologic wellness testing is available through NeuroScience.

Food sensitivity testing is available through Genova Diagnostics.

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