Now, more than ever before in the history of medicine, a wealth of medical knowledge is at our fingertips. 


We encourage our patients to learn and to partner with us in their health and wellness. But–with so much information available to them–how do our patients discern the helpful information from the harmful?

At Vital Life Wellness Center, education is of paramount importance.  We want for our providers, medical assistants and client relations coordinators to be experts in their field, so we invest in their continuing education.

We know that a patient’s understanding and their compliance go hand in hand, so we explain the reasons for our recommendations.


We’re passionate about the results we see in the lives of our patients and love to share what we know, so we offer free educational events to our patients and the public.


We know that what we learn and what we teach you will help you live longer, stronger, more vital lives.

Educational Dinner Seminars

Our providers spend far more time with our patients than most, but there’s still not enough time to tell them everything we would like for them to know!


Our Educational Dinner Seminars provide our patient-partners with primers on key areas of health and wellness.

Each seminar is designed with our patients in mind.  We address topics that we most often see patients struggling with, and we provide a gluten free dinner immediately following the seminar.  We encourage all patients to attend a lecture…and to bring a friend! 

Please call our office at 210-595-1205 for more information.




The Institute for Functional Medicine  has produced two excellent guides for patients who are on an Elimination Diet.

Elimination Diet: Comprehensive Guide

Elimination Diet: Weekly Planner Recipes

Seats are VERY limited, so RESERVE your spot today here!

Elimination Diet Resources:

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