Nutritional Supplements

We believe that disease and ill health can result from nutritional deficiencies, and we therefore consider nutritional supplementation a foundational and valuable component in health and healing.

Vital Life Wellness Center offers the highest quality medical-grade supplements on the market.


We’ve carefully chosen the brands we carry, and have found them to be very effective–not only in peer-reviewed research studies, but also in the lives of our patients. Our nutraceutical offering is often updated as we discover new and better solutions for our patients.

Please see some of our supplement brands (and corresponding online ordering information) listed below.

If we don’t carry your Metagenics, Xymogen or NeuroScience product in the clinic we’ll be happy to special order it for you with a credit card payment.

To place your XYMOGEN order online click here, then follow these instructions:
•  Enter the Code#: VLWC01
•  Enter the Practitoner Last Name: Gonzalez
•  Proceed to creating an account and placing your order!

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