Sports Injury Treatment

At Vital Life Wellness Center we are dedicated to improving your activity level and overall quality of life.


If your new or old soft tissue injuries are keeping you from living life to its fullest, consider an evaluation with one of our expert Airrosti providers.

What is Airrosti?

“Airrosti” stands for Applied Integration for the Rapid Recovery of Soft Tissue Injuries.


Airrosti’s one-on-one rehab model is a highly specific, hands-on solution for patients suffering from acute and chronic soft tissue conditions.


This results-based approach achieves consistent outcomes and allows patients, athletes and employees to return to activity quickly and safely most often without the use of expensive medication or x-ray modalities.

In fact, Airrosti's average number of treatments to resolution is only

three per condition.

What makes Airrosti different?

Airrosti is a great surgical alternative. Quality one-on-one patient time leads to more accurate diagnosis & treatment. Patients return to pain-free activity often within three visits. Costly diagnostics and imaging are often avoided due to our detailed assessments.

The Airrosti program is covered by most health plans and specializes in the following soft tissue injuries:
• Shoulder and neck
• Upper and lower back
• Hand and wrist
• Foot and ankle

For more information click the Airrosti logo below, or call 800.404.6050 to schedule your appointment today!

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