Wellness and Preventive  Medicine

Vital Life Wellness Center is built on a foundation of preventive medicine. Research has shown that preventive medicine saves lives and decreases health care costs; as practiced in VLWC’s wellness exams, it also helps you live younger, stronger and better.

What makes our wellness exam unique?

  • We look at each of our patients individually and holistically.  What is your health history?  What is your genetic predisposition to disease?  What environmental factors play a role in your health?  What emotional stressors are influencing your current state of wellness?  These are the questions we ask during your wellness exam.

  • We are expert diagnosticians.  We use specialized tests that most doctors simply aren’t aware of, and we apply your unique genetics, history and environment when  interpreting the results of those tests.

  • We educate our patients.  Knowledge is power, and we want to equip you to be an active participants in your own care.  We spend time explaining the reasons for our recommendations, inspiring you to stay the prescribed course for your optimal health and well being.

      Our wellness exams are the events at which we take the first steps on your journey to vital health. 

      Call  210.595.1019| ext. 323 to schedule yours today!

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